About Porta



By the year 2000, the Ethiopian nation was undergoing a rapid internal expansion. The population was increasing, and the government wisely responded with a vision to implement new infrastructure that would, in turn, stimulate private enterprise.

The founders of a new corporate entity called TodayTomorrow Ventures (abbreviated as "TTV") had accumulated deep hands-on experience in buildings construction, product manufacturing, Ethiopian business practice, marketing, administration, accounting, shipping, foreign exchange, etc. ... a wide range of skills useful for establishing manufacturing and agribusiness presences to sustain the Ethiopian expansion. We imagined that our manufacture of value-added products within Ethiopia would bring the benefits of local workers' employment, the reduction of expensive finished goods' importation, a stronger economy, and quicker construction completion times.

Ethiopian business licensing allows any company to operate only within a narrow business space.  The TTV founders hoped to opportunistically transform that business restriction into an advantage.


Porta Manufacturing PLC, was established to manufacture wood products, primarily door systems for our local Ethiopian construction market.  

Porta combines the expertise of two complementary companies:

• TodayTomorrow Ventures LLC ("TTV") is USA-based investment fund, with a focus of hands-on business operations in Ethiopia, within the agriculture and manufacturing segments, since 2012.  See  www.TodayTomorrowVentures.com
• Ethio Dutch Furniture PLC ("EDF") is an Ethiopian&Dutch company that manufactures wood cabinets, tables, and office furniture, since 2005

These two companies had already worked together for years, implementing school labs for Ethiopian science education. (See our related NGO called STEM Synergy.) It was natural that we partner together to establish a joint manufacturing company.

In 2015, we opened our Porta factory in the industrial town of Dukem, in the Oromiya regional state, 35 km southeast of the Ethiopian national capital Addis Ababa.

Porta's initial products were custom-made interior door systems for private and condominium construction. We soon expanded our product portfolio to include commercial and hotel door systems, and then further expanded into more wood-based product lines. 

Porta Today

Porta today manufactures many kinds of wood products for residential, commercial, and specialty construction. While our mainstay business continues to be the production of quality interior doors, our expanded manufactured product line now includes exterior doors, tables, chairs, bars, and other design-based furniture at the customers’ request. We also sell high-quality accessories, such as door handles and thumb locks.

Our sales team works with you to insure that your architectural and construction needs are met. Continuous training is one of the hallmarks of our organization. Our staff receives training from Ethiopian and European skilled craftsmen. The training involves design as well as production, thereby creating a keen awareness for high standards of quality.

On the Porta factory floor, we operate our large array of modern machines, while simultaneously integrating trained human-based labour. Such a balance is well-suited in the Ethiopian context. We utilize machines where machines are more effective, but we are always keenly aware to develop human skills. Human input and feedback are extremely valuable parts of the production process.


At Porta, we strive to best serve you, our customer.

Our sales staff may visit your project site to understand your requirements, discuss design, take measurements, and suggest options. For example, we might suggest a mix of particle board, MDF, and solid wood materials. The doors and furniture we produce for you are expected to last a lifetime.

Wood is a natural product. Our staff is trained to evaluate which wood can be best used in your particular situation. We choose our raw materials carefully, taking into account the natural nature of wood.

We strive to be your one-stop supplier. Our sales staff will ensure that all relevant information reaches our qualified production staff. We are organized into teams for maximum communication and feedback. During production, tight quality control is maintained by the team leader. Our production staff has been trained by experienced woodworkers, and we share that knowledge throughout the factory. We are proud that every member of our production crew has experience across a large variety of skills. Moreover, as a TTV company, we can draw from the resources of many industries.

The Porta team invites you to enquire how we can solve your construction needs.